Clearvision Tank Trailers Inc, founded in 2010, plays a key role in providing the bulk trucking industry with used tank trailers, specializing in used dry bulk pneumatic trailers used for cement, flour, plastics, or other dry bulk pellet or powder commodities shipped in bulk.

At Clearvision Tank Trailers, our principal expertise lies in the marketing of used tank trailers, which are used to transport bulk commodities in liquid or dry form by truck. Aluminum dry bulk (or pneumatic) trailers are used for types of commodities such as cement, fly ash, flour, plastic pellets or other dry bulk products. Clearvision is an expert in this field through the experience of its principal founders, who have worked almost their entire life-careers in the field and seen all types of these trailers. We can also advise our customers in the status of their trailers as well as used tank trailers available for purpose, because we know how to evaluate what our customers need and compare their needs to the inventory of used trailers available in the used bulk trailer marketplace nation-wide.

When you are looking to buy or sell a pre-owned or used tank semi- trailer, an expert such as Clearvision Tank Trailers will help you achieve your goals. We sell used trailers at top value, providing trailers which perform as needed at a fraction of the cost of new trailers. Studies show that the dominant concern a buyer will have in choosing a used tank trailer is to avoid buying a trailer with problems. With an expert description and information about our used inventory, you can buy used tank trailers without the anxiety of possible unanticipated faults. Starting or expanding a tank trailer fleet does not have to be a multi-million-dollar purchase. Customers of Clearvision Tank Trailers have expanded their fleets by buying used dry bulk trailers, saving countless thousands of dollars compared to new tank trailers, and expanded their fleet at an affordable economic cost.

At Clearvision Tank Trailers we can also appraise your used dry bulk pneumatic trailers when you need to sell. We work with many of the top trucking companies in North America, when used equipment is coming out of service and ready for its second, third, or fourth owner. There are many examples of used trailers being cycled through various uses in the industry. For their first owner, the trailer serves a purpose, and for the next owner the trailer can also serve a purpose of getting the job done. The value-added service of disposing of used tank trailers is attractive for customers a need to sell trailers quickly and easily to maximize cash flow for their businesses.

If you are a trucking company moving bulk commodities, a private carrier who needs trailers for your manufacturing operations, or in need of logistics solutions for leasing or selling bulk tank trailers, please give Clearvision Tank Trailers a call today.